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The Dog Welfare Network has been set up by a UK animal rescue organisation based in Kent, to provide contact details and information for European dog rescue centres. Take a look at our easy-to-use map, which allows you to explore dog rescue centres in your chosen location by placing the cursor over the appropriate area.

What can you do to help?

This website has been designed to put people who want to help alleviate the suffering of stray and maltreated dogs and local dog rescue centres across Europe in touch with each other. Whether you are visiting a Continental European country on holiday or for business, you may notice starving, harmless dogs along the way.

This can be distressing and leave you wondering what you could do to help, but you may be unsure who to contact for more information, especially if you're not in your home country. Dog Welfare Network is here to help.

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There are also many other ways that you can help these abandoned dogs, such as taking a gift of dog food to a nearby centre, adopting an animal or making a donation, however small.

If you feel disturbed by the sight of homeless, uncared for animals, then do something positive to help today. Take a look at the map and links for more information and suggestions of ways in which to help.

From the map you can then visit your chosen organisation's request page, displaying contact details, general information and suggestions of ways in which to help.

The Network also aims to bring together some of the many separate dog rescue organisations, allowing them to share resources and expertise.

In addition, we are seeking to change behaviour in European countries so that dog owners neuter their dogs, feed them properly, and take them to the vet when they need.


You can help support these developments, by clicking on the advertisements of these businesses, and telling the owners that you saw their adverts on our website.

This will encourage new businesses to join in and word will spread!

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